Ideal Thermostat Settings For Every Season

The home’s thermostat is how the homeowner is able to control the temperature throughout the home.

Homeowners have to concentrate not only on ensuring that the temperature throughout the home is constantly at a comfortable level, but also that the comfortable temperature will not make the energy bill skyrocket.

Why Do Ideal Thermostat Settings Change With The Seasons?

The ideal thermostat setting for a home will change with the seasons. These settings are dependent upon whether the heating unit or the cooling unit within the home will be in use.

There is a fine line between keeping the home comfortable while using a reasonable amount of energy, and the home being comfortable while the energy bill is skyrocketing.

Spring And Summer Thermostat Settings

During the warmer times of the year, such as Spring and Summer, it is recommended that the home’s thermostat be set at a temperature of between 76 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit.

On workdays, or other days that there is no one in the home, it is recommended that the thermostat be turned up by 10 degrees. For every degree above 78 degrees Fahrenheit that the thermostat can stay at for eight hours per day, the homeowner can save between 10 and 15 percent on the home’s monthly energy bill.

Fall And Winter Thermostat Settings

During times of the year, such as Fall and Winter months, it is recommended that the home’s thermostat be set around 68 degrees Fahrenheit while the home is occupied.

When the home is not occupied, it is recommended that the thermostat be turned down by at least 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

Energy savings work in the same way during the cooler months of the year and can be between 10 and 15 percent each month for every day that the thermostat can be turned down for eight hours or longer.

thermostat settings

Recommended thermostat settings for every season not only keep homeowners comfortable within their homes, it also helps save on energy costs.

The thermostat settings listed above are the ideal settings for both the warmer time of year and the cooler time of year.

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