3 Things You Didn’t Know About Your A/C Unit

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Your air conditioning unit has the most important job in the summer – to keep you and your family cool and comfortable on hot days. In order to perform this task well, it is important to take good care of your unit.

When it comes to providing proper care for your unit, knowledge is power. In fact, learning about your air conditioning unit can save you big bucks in repairs. There are three things you probably did not know about your air conditioning unit that may be costing you money.

Regular Maintenance is a Life Saver

All mechanical things need proper maintenance to keep them running smoothly. Your air conditioning unit requires the same amount of routine care.

In fact, regular maintenance by a licensed professional has been shown to double the life span of your unit. There are other benefits as well.

  • Regular maintenance reduces the wear and tear of your unit.
  • Regular maintenance ensures manufacturer’s warranty will remain in effect.
  • Small problems can be fixed before they become major problems.

Air Ducts Need Maintenance Too

Over a period of time, air ducts have a tendency to develop leaks and deteriorate. They may develop holes or lose their seals. With these holes and leaks, your air conditioning unit will have to put out more effort.

Deterioration of your ducts can add to your monthly expenses. When your home is not cooled properly, you will experience higher than normal electricity bills.

You can prevent this breakdown from happening. Enlist the help of a professional to inspect your air ducts every three to five years.

Air Conditioning Units Alleviate Allergies

If you suffer from allergies, your air conditioning unit can save you from the discomfort that is associated with this condition.

Air conditioning units have HEPA filters and UV lights that eliminate the allergy-causing debris that is floating around in the air of your home.

air ducts need maintenance

Your persistent allergies in your home can indicate that your unit is not functioning properly. If you are still having serious allergic reactions while your unit is on, contact a professional to have your unit checked for proper filtration.

To keep your unit functioning properly, remember to have your unit checked by a professional routinely. With knowledge and action, you can prevent your unit from any premature malfunctions.

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