3 Tips for Normalizing Humidity in Your Home

Many homeowners may not pay too much attention to indoor humidity levels within their homes, but it is important to do so. Mold, dust mites and other microorganisms tend to thrive much better in the presence of warm temperatures and moisture which can exacerbate allergy and asthma symptoms.

Indoor air that has high moisture content can also cause damage to paint and other building materials. Additionally, relying solely on your air conditioner to maintain humidity levels will result in big energy bills.

If you have ever had a nosebleed in the winter, you know that low indoor humidity levels can affect health by drying out your respiratory system and skin.

Furnaces will also need to work harder to maintain warm temperatures in your home because moisture in the air is what holds the heat. An indoor humidity level of 40 to 50 percent is an ideal range to aim for.

Use a Humidifier to Add Moisture

There are many different types and models of humidifiers available on the market. Most are quite effective at increasing indoor humidity. The more expensive brands may even include a humidistat to measure the level of humidity.

Additionally, you can choose a size for one room or one large enough for your entire home. You can also use the old-fashioned method of simply boiling water on a cooking or wood stove.

Make Use of Fans to Dry Out Air

Ceiling fans and other fans placed around the house can help dry out indoor air. You should also make use of exhaust fans in bathrooms and in the kitchen to help remove moisture from those areas. Leave them on for several minutes after you are finished with showering or cooking. Attic fans can also be beneficial for drawing wet air out of the home.

Suck Out the Water With a Dehumidifer

Dehumidifiers are machines that pull water from the air and deposit into a reservoir that you dump when it gets full.

normalize humidity

You can choose from different sizes and models depending on your particular needs. For example, an exceptionally damp basement might require a larger unit to handle more moisture.

Using these methods for normalizing humidity in your home can ensure that your home remains a comfortable and healthy environment for yourself and your family while also decreasing energy expenses.

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