Ways to Clean and Sanitize Your Indoor Air

clean and sanitize indoor air

One: Add Decorative Beeswax or Soy Candles to a Home

Many of our customers complain about the dirty and smelly air in their Chicago homes, but there are unique ways to improve air quality without spending a fortune.

Natural beeswax or soy candles are perfect for cleaning the air inside a home. It is best to buy candles made without artificial dyes or perfumes to avoid allergic reactions such as sneezing or coughing.

Burning candles emit negative ions that we cannot see or smell but still provide positive benefits such as destroying bacteria and allergens that float in the air of a home.

A soy or beeswax candle burns cleanly while creating nontoxic smoke and soot. This means that soot does not buildup in the ductwork of a home to collect dust and pollen that makes a building’s air filthy.

Two: Use Houseplants to Keep Air Fresher inside a Home

There is nothing more beautiful in a home than lush houseplants, and these also keep a home smelling fresh while removing pathogens. Our customers can cluster houseplants in one area or keep a few in each room to sanitize air naturally without spending hundreds of dollars on air purifying systems. Some of the best plants to have in a home to keep air clean and fresh include:

  • Bamboo palm – grows to a large size
  • Snake plant – require little care
  • Boston fern – lots of green fronds
  • Spider plant – easy to grow
  • Garden mum – rated one of the best air purifying plants

Houseplants produce oxygen to make it easier for a building’s occupants to breathe and filter out many contaminants created by synthetic materials.

Three: Clean and Freshen a Home with Essential Oils

Rather than clean a home with store-bought chemicals that release toxins into the air of a home, use homemade essential oil mixtures. Citrus scent essential oils are especially important to freshen and sanitize the air.

The acidic acids in citrus fruit helps to eliminate germs and bacteria on surfaces, and the fragrance from the essential oils floats into the air to impart a nice fragrance.

clean air

When someone enters a home and smells the scent of grapefruit, lemon or orange, they know that the home is fresh and clean.

There are also burner devices that hold small amounts of essential oils to warm the liquids to help it evaporate into the air slowly to provide long-term fragrance and sanitation.

Find out more ways to clean your Chicago, IL home indoor air. Just call TDH Mechanical, Inc. at (630) 406-9082 today, and breathe in the fresh air.


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