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Attic Fans: Do They Really Work


Attic Fans: Do They Really Work?

With the price of nearly everything going up, there’s a lot of talk these days about various ways to save money on energy costs. Also, as we enter the peak of the summer heat, many homeowners are finding themselves very uncomfortable in their upstairs rooms-even with the AC running. Some have considered installing an attic fan. But do attic fans really work?

The short answer is yes, but it’s not always that simple. There’s little doubt that, under the right conditions, attic fans can work wonders. There are several ways you could potentially benefit from putting one in:

  • Lower Electric Bills: Attic fans generally pay for themselves after only one summer of use, and continue to save you money thereafter.


  • Reduced Wear and Tear on the AC: You wont have to run the AC as much with an attic fan, cause at night, running the attic fan with open windows and no AC will sufficiently cool down your house on most days.
  • Cooler, More Comfortable, and Less Humid Upstairs Rooms: Having trouble cooling those upstairs rooms even with the AC cranked all day and all night? An attic fan can solve this problem by cooling the upstairs rooms so your air conditioner wont have to work as hard.


  • Better Indoor Air Quality: Attic fans contribute greatly to the air quality inside your house by bringing better ventilation to your upstairs rooms.
  • Cooler Attic: An added bonus that attic fans provide is a much cooler attic. This could potentially turn it into “liveable” space and allow you to use it for more than just storage.


In order to realize the maximum benefits an attic fan can provide, here are 4 things you need to follow:

  • Make sure the attic has good circulation


Be sure that you don’t have any open ridge or roof vents in your attic. If you do, the attic fan will only draw air from these vents, instead of what it is supposed to do, which is draw air from the soffit vents. If you do have any open ridge or roof vents, cover them from the inside, this will resolve the issue and insure proper air flow.

  • Purchase the right sized attic fan for your house


You need to make sure the fan is large enough to move the air and properly ventilate the attic. You will need to measure the square footage and speak with an expert that can help you get the right size.

  • Insulate the attic

If your attic is not properly insulated, now is the time to fix that. A well-insulated attic with not only improve the air flow with the attic fan, but it will save you money on your heating bill when “old man winter” arrives again in a few months.

  • Have the attic fan professionally installed

Attic fan installation is not an easy job. If you are not comfortable climbing up on the roof and/or lack the skills to do the job, have it done by a professional. It may cost a few extra bucks, but at least you’ll know that your new attic fan is installed correctly and will work properly.

So, do attic fans really work? Absolutely! As long as you’ve taken the steps outlined above.


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